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Charlie Joe Johnson

hi jenny enjoyed reading nuts one of the books you wrote it is really funny my fav part was when the antis went crazy and when mrs poshpants steps in cat poo what is yours hope you have a god writing correa oh and have a fab thursday


I’m so glad you enjoyed reading NUTS! I love to hear about people’s favourite bits. My favourite bit is probably the bit when Poopsy is inside the Pumpkin. Thanks for your lovely message and I hope you keep enjoying my stories!

Year 3 at Merlin Top Primary Academy

Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your amazing book and funny stories with us!


You are so so welcome! It was lovely to meet you Y3! And brilliant acting from Sugar the fairy! I hope you enjoy the books and write some silly stories of your own!


Hello Jenny!
I loved it when you came to my school!
I was really sad though because my mum just missed you so she called the school office and asked if they could catch you to save a copy of your book for me, Rubbish!
They said you had left though.
I’m really sad that you haven’t signed it but my mum has promised to buy me it from Amazon!
Thank you Jenny!
I really hope I see you again one day!
Love Lucia
Oulton Primary


Hi Lucia. I’m so sorry you missed the book sale. There are some signed stickers in your school office. Hopefully you can stick one of them into the book from Amazon and that will be just as good. I’m REALLY glad you enjoyed the visit! 🙂


This book is amazing  and also interesting it is one of my favourites book in the wold and also the book was funny I  Could not stop laughing. And also I might buy this book it so so interesting. Or also give this a 10000 rating that’s how much I love this. I would not stop buying it. And also interesting about blaze and sugar. Suger nely browned my ear by singing and dancing it was very funny and blaze made me laugh 😂  thank you very much I loved this book I will make sure that I will buy it thank you again buy  make sure to have a great and awesome day by im going to read rubbish by.


Yousaf, THANKS SO MUCH! I’m so glad you could not stop laughing!  And a 10000 rating – WOW! That’s really kind of you! I hope you enjoy THAT’S RUBBISH just as much! Happy reading! 


I loved how every one could take a brake from school and watch the best entertainment while having a laugh IT was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    thank you jenny.


It was great to come and see you all and what a lovely thing to say! Having a laugh is DEFINITELY what my stories are all about. I hope you are feeling excited to write some stories of your own now!

Chloé and Lucy

Dear Jenny,
Thank you so much for coming to Lothersdale School on Monday and tell us all about your stories. I loved when we could act your stories with all your dressing up clothes. My sister and I bought your 3 books and we have already finished reading Nuts, it was so funny!
Yours truly,
Chloé and Lucy


I had such a lovely day with you all at Lothersdale! And I’m so so glad that you and your sister enjoyed Nuts! I hope you like the other books just as much. I’d LOVE to hear which is your favorite once you’ve finished them all! 


Thank you so much for coming to my school! I loved your visit so much it was fabulous and I enjoyed every second of it! I wouldn’t have wanted to spend that time any other way 😃


Oh Jasmine! What a lovely thing to say! I loved visiting your school and meeting you all. We had such a fun day. I hope you enjoy the stories and especially NUTS! Get reading and writing you super star!


Massive thank you for coming to see us at Wooodlands Primary School, I love your books, so looking forward to the new one arriving. Thank you Love William x


 William! Thanks for your message! It was lovely to visit you all at wonderful Woodlands. And I’m so glad you love the books! That means such a lot to me. The new book NUTS! is out on OCT 1st. And then I’ll get working on the next one for you! Happy reading!

Manahil Zaib 

Jenny thanks for coming to dixons marchbank it was soooooo much fun and funny. I love all of your books.


 I loved visiting Dixons Marchbank! You have a really super school and you’re right, we had a very silly, funny day! I’m so glad you like the books! Happy reading!

Aaryan Hossain 

dear jenny thankyou for visting leytop but make sure you tell blaze tommorow that i said thankyou and thank you jenny it was amazing and cool


I loved visiting you all at Ley Top and it was so lovely to meet you Aaryan. I thought your school was AMAZING and COOL! I told Blaze that you said thankyou and it made him VERY HAPPY! 

Abdus Sami Hussain from Year 2 

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for coming to Dixons Marchbank Primary. We could do so many activities.

From Adus Sami Hussain from Year 2


You are very welcome! It was so lovely to meet you. 🙂 You have a really super school. I hope you enjoy the books!

Year 3 at Shipley CE

Thank you so much for coming into our class. We had a great and very funny time! We can’t wait to read all your books now. From Year 3.


Hi Year 3 at Shipley CE! I LOVED visiting you. It was so much fun. I hope it has given you some great ideas for your own stories and I hope when you read my books they make you laugh your socks off! I’d love to hear about which book you like best and which bits you find funniest once you’ve had a good read! 


i love all 3 books but prince charm bin is the funny one of the teacher falling in love with the bin.


Thanks so much Fareeha. I’m so glad you love the books and think they are funny! Keep being a super star reader and keep giggling!


Hi I have read your new book nuts and it is amazing and I laughed alot🤣🤣


Jack that is amazing news! You might like to know that because the ebook only just went live you are definitely one of the first people to read ‘Nuts’ EVER! My guess is that you might be the 9th person in the world! THANKS for reading it and I’m so happy that it made you laugh.


I love your books so much they are just so funny that because you are coming to my school I’m getting a signed copy!


Thanks so much Mia. I’m so glad you like the books. I hope your signed copy gets you giggling 🙂


I love your books! I just finished reading ‘that’s rubbish’ and ‘tinselpants!’ they were so funny! I read them both in one day because I loved them so much! Thank you


Both in one day! Wow! Thanks Lydia, I’m so glad you loved the books and thought they were funny. That makes me incredibly happy! Hopefully I’ll have a new book ready for you soon 🙂

Miss Purves and Class 3

We LOVED That’s Rubbish!!

It was very funny and we can’t wait to read the next book.

Our favourite character was Sugar, Braveleaf and the Mole Fairies.

We loved the story and the message behind it, it has inspired us to take care of our local area and to start litter picking.


Thanks for your help Miss Purves and all of Class 3. I’m really thrilled to hear that you liked it and thought it was funny. Those Mole fairies always get me giggling too 🙂

As you probably guessed from my book, I think litter is dreadful stuff so I’m VERY IMPRESSED that you are taking care of your local area. GREAT WORK!

As a THANK YOU for your help with the book, I will send your class my next book really soon! So keep a look out for it and keep reading 🙂  

 Kyara from Three Bridges Primary School

Thanks for sending us a copy of That’s Rubbish. It was a great book and showed us not to put rubbish on the floor and to put our rubbish in the bin. It was really fun to read. I really enjoyed the fairy and the rubbish monster.


Thanks for your help Kyara. I’m really glad you thought the book was fun to read! I was hoping the story would remind people to put rubbish in the bin so that’s great feedback too. As a THANK YOU for your help, I will send your class my next book as soon as it’s ready. Keep reading 🙂  

Y4 at Our Lady and St Joseph’s

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your book. We loved reading your stupendous story (That’s rubbish). We liked the rubbish monster coming to life and the fairies that worked together to stop it. It was very funny, especially when the Mole Fairies were blocking the path and the Caterpillar kept saying “That’s rubbish!”. The character, particularly sugar, were excellent. It kept us interested in knowing what would happen next.

Thank you, we look forward to reading your future books!
Y4 at Our Lady and St Joseph’s


Fantastic feedback Year 4. You have made my day! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. To say THANK YOU for your help, I will send you my next book as soon as it’s ready. Keep reading 🙂  


Thank you for sending the book I really enjoyed it my favourite part was when Sugar nearly tricked the monster and then got mad.


Thanks William! I think that’s secretly my favourite bit too. Really great to hear your feedback 🙂


Thank you Jenny for sending us your new book I really enjoyed reading it. My favourite part is the bit where the farmer falls into the river.


Brilliant feedback Erin! It’s so helpful when I’m writing to know what made you smile. Thank you 🙂


Hi, I loved reading the sugar and Blaze story about the monster made from rubbish. I wonder what Sugar and Blaze’s favourite cupcakes are? Do they have decorations on top?


Thanks so much Holly! 

Sugar likes any cake as long as there are lots of sprinkles. Blaze prefers a chocolate brownie –  blasted with his flames to make it hot.


If Sugar and Blaze were in charge of the UK, what would their recycling policy be?


Sugar says, “We should all beeeeeee plaaaaastic freeeeeee!”

Blaze says, “Even I’m not scared about what’s in lasagne boxes… lose the window!”


Tinselpants was the funniest book I’ve read this year! I really cant wait for the adventures of Blaze.


Thanks Freddie, Maybe Blaze needs to go on another Christmas adventure soon 🙂


My favourite part was the “That’s Rubbish!” bit, it was really funny.


Thanks Lily, I really love that cheeky caterpillar too 🙂 In fact, I  might even try to sneak him into my new book.


I loved reading your book to my little sister Elena and we both loved it. We can’t wait to read the next book!


That’s so kind to read it to your sister! I’m so glad you both enjoyed it 🙂 The next book is coming really soon! 


I really love your books. When will there be a new one?


Thanks Fiona. The new book should be out in time for the summer holidays 🙂 


Sugar and Blaze are great!! Please could you make a story about dragons vs aliens?


I like dragons too 🙂 That’s a great idea!


My cat is like Blaze, I think he’s scared of everything too!


Oh No! Hopefully he’ll learn to be more brave like Blaze does 🙂